Pre-Cog In The Bunker

2016 - Rock'n'roll, Alternativo, Punk rock


Pre-Cog in the bunker is a band sci-fi, Post-Punk formed by:
Miriam Di Sabatino (drum, voice)
Antonello Recanatini (giutar, voice, keybords)

1, 2, 3, 4, Sci-Fi Your Head!

This project is characterized by a science fiction approach to punk noise, lyrics are influenced by literature ( P. K. Dick - I. Asimov )

Is really hard to include their music in one genre, there are a lot music styles reflected by their songs, influenced by a massive musical enjoyment of the two members of the band. They have a long music career, they took part of italian music scene in some bands since the early nineties.

Being ecletcic is a distinctive feature of the Pre-Cog In The Bunker, having also a folk project. Love for Cinema is present in the lyrics, words like frames of movies as metaphores to explain reality.

The Duo satisfy different kind of audiences from Punk to Garage, from Noise to distorted Blues and Rock and Roll.
Performance of the band is energic and engaging, assited by Videoprojections and stage presence. A power band able to entertain diverse audiences


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