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album Groundless - Safir Nòu
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Safir Nòu (Antonio Firinu) is a composer, guitarist and accordionist.
The music collected in the album Groundless could be identified as “total music”, influenced by different styles and genres, from world music to post-rock to jazz. The sounds and the melodies bring the listener to an ethereal and hypnotic dimension, which is the “groundless” dimension indeed.
Complete Download: https://safirnou.bandcamp.com/album/groundless
Full album streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAfneiTpelA


Antonio Firinu - Classic guitar, accordion and electronics
Yaacob González García - Violin
Matteo Marongiu - Double bass
Andrea Cogoni - Drums and percussions
Gianluca Pischedda - Cello
Marco Caredda - Vibraphone
Sergio González Cuervo - Soundscapes

All music composed and arranged by Antonio Firinu
Engineered by Sergio González Cuervo at audiotuerto.eu

Produced by Sergio and Antonio in Amsterdam, Cagliari and León.


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