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Testo della canzone

I was struck again
They try to make me feel bad
They say, I'm different
'cause the size of my shoes is eighteen

I ran away
they chased me screaming
I'm hiding in the woods
but, I lost my way

I want to go home
Where is the road
suddenly something comes to me
Fear growns in me
is coming from me

shhh shhh hey boy don't scream
I know who you are, and i want help you
Who are you? What are you?
I'm a Druid and i live here
very bad people are chasing me
they always treat me bad
I know, I know, I know everything
take this boy, it's habafropzipulopz
If you eat this grass with pizza or with beans
or with all the food in the world
You will receive a different power each time
Be carefull, but don't worry
Go boy, Prove your worth
Tanks Druid

Habafropzi, open my mind
Habafropzi is a friend that i find
Habafropzi freed me from pain
And all my enemies are now in flames

If I eat beans
be careful if I eat beans

Album che contiene Habafropzipulopz

album Strani rumori provenienti dallo sgabuzzino Slappuccino
Strani rumori provenienti dallo sgabuzzino 2014 - Rock, Progressive, Alternativo

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