Descrizione a cura della band

“Diforisma” is the debut-record of new SofaTalk’s label Cognitiva Records, drawing inspiration from Pollock’s Action Painting. In its poetics, the masterpiece transforms itself second by second, adapting to the sudden and spontaneous movement. Through his favorite technique called ‘dripping’, Pollock allows the subconscious to express itself in the form of automatic painting , which becomes rhythm, dance, improvisation and jazz.
Tomi Chair has the task to create an intro with no restraints that goes from electronic music to ambient.
To follow, a remix by Yuri Shulgin (Ethereal Sound / Modernista) with his acid bassline and piano chord, talented Z Lovecraft (No Bad Days) that reminds us to 80s Japanese productions and finally Stevie Kotey, pioneer of Nu-Disco with the Chicken Lips.

“I felt the need to complete the project including versions completed by other producers whom I admire and also to have different points of view.”


Written & Produced by Piero Paolinelli aka SofaTalk
Mastering by Job de la Porte ( INI Movement - Amsterdam - NL)
Executive Producer : Piero Paolinelli
Record pressing: Mobinenko (Kent - UK)
Artwork & Brand Identity: Retrogusto Creatives
Instrument Equipment: Korg Microkorg, Roland Juno-106, Yamaha CP reface, Clavia Nord Lead, triggered Roland TD-6V
All rights reserved © 2017 Cognitiva Records


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