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Sonic Jesus is the project of multi-instrumentalist Tiziano Veronese. Based in Italy and formed in 2012, Sonic Jesus is set to release its enthralling second LP ‘Grace’ on March 10th via London imprint Fuzz Club Records.

The new album follows on from a split single with psych legends The Black Angels and a debut double LP titled Neither Virtue Nor Anger, which was met with wide-spread praise by the likes of The Quietus, Clash and Drowned In Sound.

Graceshows Sonic Jesus taking on an insatiable new form, ditching their industrial and hypnotic psych-rock for an expansive synth-driven post-punk sound that falls somewhere between Interpol, Editors and Cold Cave.

There’s still the hypnotic Sonic Jesus darkness ebbing beneath the noise but these new tracks show the project reverberating around a new-found pop sensibility.

After releasing the widely praised granitic double LP Neither Virtue Nor Anger and an intense period of touring around Europe, it seemed like Sonic Jesus' fate followed an already traced path. Two years later, in comes 'Grace' - a work that quests the inner nature of the band itself, uncovering the experimental temper of Tiziano Veronese.

The lyrics were composed by the projects live guitarist Marco Barzetti, who’s also the mastermind behind Italian shoegaze outfit Weird. When Sonic Jesus were asked to explain the meaning behind the lyrics and the album itself they offered the following statement:

“Grace’s existential themes underline the close relationship between man and universe, where a welcoming Mother Nature protects the main character from the recurrence of past nightmares, by offering new dreamscape perspectives as well as a future salvation. Each end carries a new start: 'Grace'​ turns the page and rewrites the tale of Sonic Jesus.”


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