Spare Bricks - Fear in the Office testo lyric


Sitting apart seeking a chance
Same old story same old place
Look in the mirror at my face
No flames in my eyes slowly I die
All around emptyness
I’m going insame in my loneliness
I wanna escape from this routine
From the window I dream my fly high

Now swinging in my thoughts
Are my wings to fly away?
Now swinging on the road, my thoughts
No flames in my eyes slowly I die
The truth in my eyes cooling down
Freeze my soul like ice
The world is not enough for me
Broken my chains I fly high

Here around I’ve changed my mind
Never lost myself, finally I’ve find my way
And I can see, everybody beneath me
Lost in reality without a fantasy

Brand new days are coming to you
Carried by something or someone you know
Old stuff are lost in memories too
Special delivery is given to you
Now fucked up but never give up
Now part of the system you’re always be in
Swearing to God and you will escape
In the end of nothing will gonna change


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Salvatore Spanò: chitarra/chitarra solista
Nicola Contin: voce/chitarra
Nicola Del re: batteria
Luca Rogantini: basso


La canzone Fear in the Office si trova nell'album Report 36 (Escape from Life) uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album Report 36 (Escape from Life), di Spare Bricks

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