Spare Bricks - Hot testo lyric


I can see dumb people
Crossing side to side the street
They don’t care about me
Coming on my hot wheels

I don’t want to brake and I don’t want to slow
I got to follow the big snake on my own
Don’t break my balls I’m aiming my goals
Getting upper gear and go go go

Never close the gas
Get away from my fucking ass
I wanna ride till the sun will die
And when the moon is high in the sky
My flaming wheels are the light in the dark

On my horse I’m a Knight in this fucking time
I follow the road eating miles after miles
No one can see me
Except the bitch on my back sit
Never stop and when the roads end
I will create it on my own


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Questo brano è stato inserito in alcune playlist dagli utenti di Rockit: Report 36 (Escape from Life) (di @Spare_Bricks con 11 brani)


Salvatore Spanò: chitarra/chitarra solista
Nicola Contin: voce/chitarra
Nicola Del re: batteria
Luca Rogantini: basso


La canzone Hot si trova nell'album Report 36 (Escape from Life) uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album Report 36 (Escape from Life), di Spare Bricks

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