Spare Bricks - Starry Night testo lyric


The letters says rember the job
Take at school and bring’em to the pool
Don’t forget about the mule and the bag, backpack

I grab my sparkling shoes got them new
nothing to lose my striped brand new hat
It makes me look so fat oh bang bang bang

Hey man, where is Abigail?
At the backdoor and say hail

Canadian present is there on the mule
Have you bribe the pig?
So fast I drive the rig
Gotta quickly go now
And then Lulù is waiting in the “Bitter end”

The band play in the smoke filled room
Ganassa brothers act like a fool
Due to Jennifer naked in the room
On the otherside Frankie has a Jack’ full

Hey man, where is Abigail?
I am on the dock and don’t wanna fail
Hey Jack no pay take the gun
I shoot, the blood, I lay down
I’m dying last thing I saw is starry night


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Questo brano è stato inserito in alcune playlist dagli utenti di Rockit: Report 36 (Escape from Life) (di @Spare_Bricks con 11 brani)


Salvatore Spanò: chitarra/chitarra solista
Nicola Contin: voce/chitarra
Nicola Del re: batteria
Luca Rogantini: basso


La canzone Starry Night si trova nell'album Report 36 (Escape from Life) uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album Report 36 (Escape from Life), di Spare Bricks

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