Still Unfound - Patch on Heart testo lyric


Craving the food of love
Craving the food of truth
They were walking without knowing
Survived dragging heavy stones
Then a glance full of chance it made sense
Nothing else
So they started to dance
He, she, she and he, he and she

Now they’re talking and exploring
Search for shelter and freedom
Purely he’ll fill her void
Hold her hand tight
No more fights
She will make his smile bright

They feed their souls feed their mouths
A new meaning’s found

He put a patch on her heart


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Written and composed by Roberto Spong-X and Laura Elle
Lyrics by Laura Elle


La canzone Patch on Heart si trova nell'album Still Unfound - EP uscito nel 2014.

Copertina dell'album Still Unfound - EP, di Still Unfound

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