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Descrizione a cura della band

We have been around since 2006.
In 2009, we released our first album "Louise Market" under the American label Poison Tree Records (Los Angeles, California).
In 2012, we released our second album "Play The Funk" under the Italian label Moquette Records.
We play rock'n'roll.


The Full Treble are:
Ale: vox, Guitar and Tambourines
Crem: Bass
Gian: Drums

Special thanks to the Treble Orchestra:
The mighty Rafa T.Bon for acid trumpets, Nat for the psych organ and honky-tonk piano, Cecilia for inspired background vocals and Pala for the additional tambourines.
Released 15 September 2012
Recorded in July 2011 in 4 insane weekends by Jules at his basement, mixed and mastered in August 2012 by Berni at his own studio.

All songs and lyrics are written and produced by The Full Treble, except for 'King of the Suburbs' by TFT and the King himself.


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