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Descrizione Blue Trousers

From A-Side of The Hanging Outlaws | EP. Out May 8.

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Credits Blue Trousers

Edited and recorded by Gabriele Gherpelli.
Mixed by Luca Bonfiglioli.

Testo della canzone

What's up dude, what's up?
I have a place for you in london
but remember to "mind the gap"
'tween the train and the platform
I need some time to escape for
all the narrow-minded in my town
they told me something
but I wasn't listening

Don't say it's fine if you don't mean it
cause you can't always see the world
through your Blue Trousers

This ain't what I thought the world was
I knew it had to be tough
but I hadn't figure it out yet
how much bruises and pain somebody
have to get
to call him a man
do we have a deal now?
have you got what's at stake?

Album che contiene Blue Trousers

album The Hanging Outlaws | EP The Hanging Outlaws
The Hanging Outlaws | EP 2013 - Rock, Indie, Garage

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