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“Come here fool clown, make us laugh, shadow of a man, take us in ecstasy…“ they have to be..
accountable to, the image that they built…yes..!!
We live just once so I’ve heard…
So you find the sun in all you do.. world shines more
So is this the truth? Are you not a fool?

And now…anyway ... no-one knows…I like to wear this mask
Get on that stage..such a great gig… and now who
makes the rules?
Try to enjoy it!…entertain us! that they will make your pockets full…don’t forget it
So is this the truth? Now who is the fool?

and it’s strange cause you’re always there to remind them .. to put your matters aside .. to make them forget, at least for the time of a show, theirs ..
and it’s when you’re on that chair,…behind the big top, that you let the rest of yourself out .. are you also human..? I wasn’t born on Mars…maybe I’m not a fool inside..!

So I’m not a star…moving in the sky…
make-up melts .. and that red nose goes in the garbage ..and I’m thinking..
So is this the truth? Now who is the fool?

Album che contiene The Clown

album Tracce recuperate The Masons
Tracce recuperate 2013 - Rock, Grunge, Funk

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