The Shell Collector - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Left of the soul



Testo della canzone

(Music and lyrics by E. Tiberi) they ran down my home
depicted it as evil
confined me in the half to hide
they pushed me away from the sunlight forced me to grow aside
mistrusted in favour of the certainties of the past you say control
tied and gagged and raped in silence forced to choke down left of your soul I live left off your own lore embrace my new home go, go, stab down this hope
they, they called my name
hanged on me all sorts of fame instilling in you the deepest shame
they are inventing your illnesses
selling their medicines
making you believe you're just too small to care you say control
multiform, everchanging mirror of the steps you take here I am, a naughty beast you can't get to tame
tied and gagged and raped
in silence forced to choke won't you dance with me my enemy? live, let go of you
now I learnt to burn
stealing from you own desires go, go, stab down your hopes now, left of your soul
there is your home

Album che contiene Left of the soul

album 2 is the beginning of an army - The Shell Collector2 is the beginning of an army
2013 - Rock, Progressive, Post-Rock
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