Descrizione a cura della band

Conceived within the realm of funk, rock, latin, jazz and library music by maestros like Puccio Roelens, Piero Piccioni, John Barry or Syd Dale, The Smuggler Brother's first album is a work of instrumental love and sweat.
14 original tunes plus a cover of one Italy's cult composers (Alessandro Alessandroni) are featured on the first vinyl issue of this octet hailing from Palermo, Sicily.

From the rampaging runs of "Inseguimento Nella Viale Regione" to the graceful, wah-driven patterns of "An Unexpected Rendez-Vous", this record has all the flavor and smell of a carefully-cooked homemade cake.


All songs by The Smuggler Brothers except “Black Spot” by Alessandro Alessandroni. Recorded between April and September 2014 at Zeit studios, Palermo. Mixed and engineered by Danilo Romancino and Luca Rinaudo. Mastering by Salvo Cascio at Zeit's. Artwork by Manfredi Vitrano - (concept, design) and Sandro Di Girolamo (concept, photo). Line-up: Giorgio Trombino (wah guitar, flute, xylophone, shaker, scattered vocals), Roberto Orlando (guitar), Vincenzo Nuzzo (bass), Giovanni Di Martino (Rhodes piano, Hammond organ, Hohner D-6 clavinet, piano, Korg MS-10, Farfisa Compact, triangle, tambourine), Claudio Terzo (tenor and baritone sax), Valerio Quartararo (trumpet and trombone), Giorgio Piparo (drums and congas).


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