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Artist: The Superslots Terrible Smashers
Title: Kidnappings
Format: CD LTD ED 300

Label: Area Pirata/ Chono Records
Code: APC51

out in: 04th July 2016
Distribution: Goodfellas / Sonic RendezVous / Soundflat

Contact/Promo Info: thesuperslotsterriblesmashers@gmail.com


The Superslots Terrible Smashers are a garage punk band from Salerno, formed in July 2015 by the meeting of guitarist Nico Plescia (Nitroglycerine, Dead Flints) with Bruno Ruggiero (vocals) and Roberto Mirabella (bass) , later joined by Gabriele Concas (drums) . The band is inspired by several giants of the genre (The Sonics, The Morlocks, The Fuzztones , The Cynics) by all the Nuggets bands and the latest Jay Reatard , Thee Oh Sees, Billy Childish & Mick Collins.
Their first hit single " Lickin ' Ears " was digitally released by Area Pirata in November 2015.
The band has currently finished recording their first album at Kaspar House by Ferdinando Farro, which will be released on July 4th for Area Pirata Records in partnership with the newly formed label Chono Records and the contribution of comic artist Luca Maresca (Bonelli Editore) for the cover art. In the meantime the band keeps up to the live activity by having already supported international bands such as The Youth and playing punk gatherings like Provokate Punkrock Festival.

Bruno Ruggiero - vocals;
Nico Plescia - Fuzz, lead & rhythm guitar;
Roberto Mirabella – Electric bass;
Gabriele Concas – Drums.

lyrics by Girolamo Viola, Bruno Ruggiero, Roberto Mirabella
photo & graphics support by Girolamo Viola


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