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Next up in Rocksucker's series of hearty recommendations comes wistfully melodious Italian troubadour Tom Cuneo. Have a listen, right now...
(Jonny Abrams - ROCKSUCKER)

Tom Cuneo produced his 6 track E.P. in Rome. For each of the charming, melodic, sensual pop songs, Cuneo’s “softly speaking”, lyrical approach to singing, and playing of all but one instrument contributes to an excellently produced album of wonderful compositions.

(Rupert Cheek)

Bella la canzone Interrail , molto travelling song e ben prodotta, mi piace come inizia ed entra nella strofa e diventa completamente un'altra cosa

(Roberto Dell'Era - AFTERHOURS)
released October 30, 2012

Tommaso Cuneo - vocals and all instruments except drums

Massimo D'Agostino - drums

recorded in Rome, Italy

It's a completely self -produced album by Tommaso "Tom" Cuneo


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