Tunno - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Everyday



Testo della canzone

Everyday I'm looking for you
I'm waiting and I'm standing in the middle of the storm
Everynight I'm sleeping alone
No one can fill my emptiness, and now I'm going down
And my soul is bending for you
I don't believe in destiny but I'm not pretty sure
Then I try not to lose myself
In the hidden corners of my black and lonely mind
I'm going down

How can I say, that you're my way
that keeps me going and there's nothing else to say?
How can I say, that you're my way?
I'm going down

I'm falling, I'm drowning, I'm spinning, I'm sinking.

Album che contiene Everyday

album II - TunnoII
2012 - Rock, Punk, Electro
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