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Credits AwAy

Chitarra - Basso - Voce _ Riccardo Citterio
Batteria - Cori _ Elena Viganò

Rec, Mix e Master fatti al Bluebutz Production Studio (Seregno, MB) da Gioele Garofalo

Testo della canzone

It's cringe to admit
That I grew fond of everafters
The world I walk is black and white
I'm the first
And the last man standing
I can only hear my heart

Funny that seems to be louder
When there is yours
Besides mine
And oh we heard them
While we were gently
Falling to sleep
Hand to hand

Oh sweet
Those silence
Oh my oh my oh my

Oh sweet
Those silence
Oh my oh my oh my

Let's go

It's strange to admit
Those moments don't matter no more
We are to hot bullets
Shooted blindly
Sharing kind seconds
In the infinite
We evolve through

Oh I wish
I'd absorbed more of you
Despite pride
I would say
That pitch black
Took your place
While around me is puking white

And I remember well
Sittin' near the closure
With gelato melt
Still talkin' tesoro
You said
‘Hey my love
I can see in you
This fire that I adore
Deep inside your soul’
So those trap trap boys
Don't scare me dawg
This Echoes you feel
Is only at Act 2

And I cling to it
With my nails and teeth
'Cause the words you said
Felt true to me

(Oh sweet)
Oh you don't even know
(Those silence)
You taught me to sing
Not knowing to (Oh my oh my oh my)

(Oh sweet)
Trying my best
To be that man
(Those silence)
You saw me through (Oh my oh my oh my)
And one day you'll see me whole

- Talking -

Everybody come on
I don't know
We will meet again
As it already happened
I'll be of a grey
So shiny
That my shadows
Won't let light escape
And we'll meet our eyes
We'll smile

Album che contiene AwAy

album S|  |PERH(  )T VASH
S| |PERH( )T 2021 - Post-Rock, Punk-funk, Pop punk Artist First

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