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Credits Back

Chitarra - Basso - Voce _ Riccardo Citterio
Batteria - Cori _ Elena Viganò

Rec, Mix e Master fatti al Bluebutz Production Studio (Seregno, MB) da Gioele Garofalo

Testo della canzone

Oh no!
Code Red
Code Red
I’m back
Code Red
Hear the tune changin

I’m back in the city
Thought it’s far from pretty
I see you slackin’
Wasting your full potential
Do you really
Think you're better than everyone?
Just watch me
Pissin’ on your stupid head

Now listen closely cause
I’ve got lots to tell
and so little time
I’ve got to be super sonic
I’m half a man
Half machine
Not nearly human
Just a 21th century being

the difference between you and me
Is that I’m not scared of it
I want to eat all the world
And explode in cosmic dust

I’ve got places to be
People to meet
I live in the world
Of possibilities

Don’t care
Didn’t ask

Code red
code red
I’m back
There are people around me swirling
I will rest when I’ll be dead
I’m out of air

And still you are watchin’ me
With dead fish's eyes
You speak but neither
Yourself believe in what you say

To think I started
Watching up to you
I wonder why now
You are so far behind

There is a ready dinner table
Before us with placed napkins
I will be the one to take the first one
And poor you

You don’t realize
You don’t know
About conflict
Everything is granted
You don’t have a clue
My hunger is greater than yours

Album che contiene Back

album S|  |PERH(  )T VASH
S| |PERH( )T 2021 - Post-Rock, Punk-funk, Pop punk Artist First

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