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I would assure you
That it would work if you pushed a little more
I could not warn you
About the door with pull sign in sight
Eyes not covered in googles
That shows a face locked in such a stare
"Oh my God!
What I've done?"

And I know what it's like
To don't want to get off bed
To want an hard reset
To dream is better than to live

Oh little girl
don’t you cry
the sky is the limit
you can’t deny

I know you can live
Without atmosphere
But come here and take
A breath with me

And everything that I vote
Don't beat electoral threshold
It seems collective consciousness
Don't work with me

So sad my words don't seem
To trigger any emotion
My Heart burns of hellfire
My hands feel in stop-motion

Oh little girl
Don’t you cry
The sky is the limit
You can’t deny

I know you can live
Without atmosphere
Come here and take
A breath with me

Oh little girl
You’re on the morning bus
In tears
With a trolleys

Iron gripped by your hand
And believe me
When I say
That in this plain of dead
Sun will shine again


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Chitarra - Voce _ Riccardo Citterio
Batteria - Cori _ Elena Viganò

Rec, Mix e Master fatte al Bluebutz Production Studio (Seregno, MB)


La canzone That Girl si trova nell'album DEMOns uscito nel 2018.

Copertina dell'album DEMOns, di VASH

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