The King Of Nothing

The King Of Nothing

Richard Von Sabeth

2018 - Rock, New-Wave, Alternativo


“The King Of Nothing" is the Solo Debut album from Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69) under the pseudonym of Richard Von Sabeth.
Out February 19th on Rehab Records / Believe Digital on Cd, digital mp3, USB Key box limited edition and all streaming platforms.

Nine tracks of pure haunted gothic rock.
A diary of wounds and deep scars, a collection of intimate ballads of Sex, Love and Death.
Inspired by the horror films of the early '900 and the deep atmospheres of the eastern Europe, these nine decadent songs expressing the most fragile, dark and twisted side of Richard Von Sabeth, exploding his creativity into strings arrangements, creepy pianos out of tune and new wave's guitars...
With strong melodies and choruses that remain glued to mind at the first listening.



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