Yearnin' - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Somebody Else



Testo della canzone

All these kids out in the night
Pretendin' to be somebody else
All these parents in their homes
Wonderin' a better place
You can look them in their eyes
But you're the only one who cares

I drink soda on the beach
Tryin' my white evil to reach, alright

All these places in the dark
With these people movin' lone
Doesn't matter what you say, only care 'bout how they look
We were friends and talks were kind, now just party all the time

He will take my soul as a bribe
And make me sing as you like

Album che contiene Somebody Else

album Yearnin' (EP) - Yearnin'Yearnin' (EP)
2015 - Stoner, Rock, Blues
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