Yearnin' - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Starting Over



Testo della canzone

Who are you, my friend?
What went wrong with us?
Why am I still here?
I can't see the point

I can't recognize you anymore
We could have been so much baby
You are a stranger to me now
I've been so confused lately
You used to be the only one
But now I am lost baby

Can you recognize me at all?
We could have been the best, baby
I'll be a stranger from now on
I've got to move on, baby
I used to be the only one
But not anymore, baby

This time I'm starting over
This time I'm starting over

Album che contiene Starting Over

album Yearnin' (EP) - Yearnin'Yearnin' (EP)
2015 - Stoner, Rock, Blues
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