Useless love songs collection

Useless love songs collection

a Big Silent Elephant

2018 - Psichedelia, Country, Garage


Ultimo album di A Big Silent Elephant (La Mela, Tea Party,Beyza and the man with his broken piano, Ugly Bear e chitarra nei live ed in alcune rec di Homesick Suni e Charles Wallace)
Ritirato in campagna nella casa, la dove si trovano a registrare Krano e Homesick Suni.
Dopo un anno passato a suonare come La Mela e dopo aver condiviso concerti e serate con Bob Corn, Rayan Sambol, Heart of Snake... Mauro riempe il registratore di canzoni e svariate dediche, che rimarranno anonime, in questo album compilation, suonando la maggior parte degli strumenti e registrandosi, come al solito, da solo.
Con l'aiuto di amici come Marco Zuccaro (Charles Wallace) che suona la chitarra su Wonder, Margherita Leo (voce su Thankyou), Alice Posocco (voce su ben 4 canzoni), Marco Del Ben (sax su "Blue Dolphins" e "Wonder") e il quasi sempre presente pianista Giovanni Tonon.
Tezze di Piave e la sua campagna fanno da contorno alle storie raccontate in questo album.
Solo storie vere.

Uscirà con l'etichetta Resonanting Woods


Giovanni Tonon: Rhodes su "Blue Dolphins", "Only With You", "Thankyou", "Wonder"
Margherita Leo: Voce su "Thankyou"
Marco Del Ben: sax su "Blue Dolphins" e "Wonder"
Alice Posocco: Voce su "Blue Dress", "Definitive Excuse", "Only with You" e "Wonder"
Marco Zuccaro: Cori su "Blue Dolphins" e chitarra solo su "Wonder"
Mauro">Mauro: tutto il resto
testi, mixaggio: Mauro">Mauro


1 Blue Dolphins:
The cars are strange
sometimes they stop on the way
some people laugh
some people help
someone will come
and other will go away
Please wait until I wake up
and let me finish my silly dream
I swim in a simphony
with you and blue dolphins
I can stop all the guy's
who call you all the times

2 Blue Dress:
I will wake up
with the light of a new sun
now my eyes
are closed
so you are in my mind
with your blue dress
and your smiling face
help me
to cross
the line
and chose the right way
to you

3 Definitive Excuse:
I've cross the line
the wild line
of my childhood education
just to give you flowers
give you comfort
and a lazy kind of celebration

but now I feel free
to change the way
to trust in something else
inside my brain
in front of your face
I will be breaking up this thing called love

and if so many people trust in a "supreme" that they have never seen
why should I not believe in a love / that maybe will never be?

the cellphones are full
of nevrotic interactions
so much fun, so many heroes
but where are now the physical versions?

yeha I love the past
and I ( !)don't think abouououtt the rest
If is it a (!)problem for you
maybe (!)that will be my definitiiiive excuse

and if so many people trust in a "supreme" that they have never seen
why should I not believe in a love that maybe will never be?

4 Only with you
garden green field and love
everything is by my side
Sun will always shine
rainbow say goodbye

Trees and birds
singing for me
bees rivers and hills
jamming with me

maybe I'm wrong
only with you

You never know dear
how much I love you

6 Thankyou
I will thank you for the nights
you have spent with me girl
I will thank you for the red wine
and for the miles you have burned for me
I will thank you for the films
you have suggested to my heart
for taking me to the top of the mountains
over the Conegliano's Hills
I will thank you for the bad times
and for the nervous breakdown
You know I'm old
and that I don't ever want to grow

7 Wonder:
wonder ye I wonder in a world where no one will be free
sadness sadness is not the main reason to live
let me sleep and let me be
a kind of man that I like to be

Silent be Silent and don't worry about the captains
sailing ye I'm sailing directed to your deep sea
let me swim and let me be
a strange fish or just a dream

wonder ye I wonder in a world where no one will be free
happiness happiness is the only reason for me
let me walk and let me take
a smile from your face


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