AC Prodz

2012 - Elettronica, Ambient


Eux, Radioactive Punk, Shaping My Head. In these three tracks Ac Prodz expresses a part of himself and communicates his subjective outward view.
It is the beginning of a tale, a story of sounds, synthetic melodies and electronic experimentation. All influenced by the surrounding environment where he lives, moves and observes: Milan.
A dynamic city, sometimes frantic. But it is an illusory and ineffectual movement, which contrasts with a slow and confused evolutionary process. This contrast is expressed in EUX, three tracks in which the evolution of sound takes place very gradually: almost static "Eux" more dynamic "Radioactive Punk", but where a hypnotic and constant synth reminds us the futility of this movement. Finally, "Shaping My Head", where the movement and transformation become more pronounced, but it is only in our head and in the illusion of change.


Composed by Alberto Campi (AC Prodz) for Beat Machine Records.
Mastered at Oakwood Studio


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