Biografia Adam Carpet

Adam Carpet is a five piece ensemble, two drummers, two bass players and a multi-instrumentalist
The debut S/T album, composed by 12 tracks (including a cover of Frigidaire Tango) was released by Rude Records on February 5th, 2014.
The song “Future Teen Idol” is contained in the soundtrack of the independent film “Venezia Impossibile”.
On June 19, 2014 Adam Carpet released “Adam Carpet The Remixes” via Prismopaco
Records . "The Remixes" contains 10 of the debut album’s songs remixed by brilliant djs and producers such as Francesco Bergomi (Sci+Tec) and Marco Trentacoste.
Adam Carpet perfomes live using a scenography of polygons and mapping video made by the AKME collective.
Adam Carpet's music is a blend of post-rock, electro and many more influences.
The new single "Pragmatic Children" will be released on April 29, 2016 by Irma Records.
The new album "Parabolas" will be out in September 2016.

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