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Credits Black Glances, White Eyes

Written and performed by Aged Teen (Dario Guarino).
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Maddalena Bellini at Pro-Drum Studio (Portici, NA, IT).

Testo della canzone

Black stares from your eyes sleetin' over me
Tears like lava sinking holes in my chest
A luscious demon crawling down my spine
Exactly what I needed now
Destruction's so sweet at dawn

Cigarette stubs, half emptied drinks
A cracked ashtray, coagulated blood
The scent of your body and the smoke combine
But your perfume overwhelms the stench
We lavishly sweat, although the air's so cold

The walls crumble before our eyes
The sky clears up as the rain dies down
Light from a distant window
Reminds me of the planet I'm from
Our bodies like statues on the floor, like sleeping dolls

Ooh, ooh...

Black glances, white eyes
The flame gets closer, now the flame gets far
The screams down in the street subside
They fade away as we close our eyes
The blade digs in as our bodies melt

Album che contiene Black Glances, White Eyes

album On A String - AGED TEEN
On A String 2020 - Cantautore, Rock, Acustico

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