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Credits Bluesy Suicide

Written and performed by Aged Teen (Dario Guarino).
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Maddalena Bellini at Pro-Drum Studio (Portici, NA, IT).

Testo della canzone

I'm singing a song to my imaginary fans
They're listenin' in awe, singin' along
Their eyes are closed, their faces charmed
They love me more now than ever before

Darling, sweet darling, don't you give me that look
Alright, I'll sing you a blues, I'm gonna play it smooth
What? Isn't that what you wanna hear baby?
The dream is over and so is the show

Another day is gone
Another demon's freed
Another song to save me from falling apart

People, oh people, what's sweeter than this?
What's more compelling than listening to me?
You're so impressed, you're almost bewitched
C'mon guys, put your hands in the air!

The show's over and the lights are on
The audience went home and I'm left on my own
Bluesy, bluesy afternoon,
Blood red gloom in my suicide room

Another day is gone
Another demon's freed
Another song to save me from falling apart

The deafening silence of a sunday afternoon
The sound of a ball, bouncing away in the wind
In an empty parking lot
A solitary car waiting at the end of a dead-end street
I'll lie down and feel nothing but this blinding colorless disaffection
For hours on end...

Album che contiene Bluesy Suicide

album On A String - AGED TEEN
On A String 2020 - Cantautore, Rock, Acustico

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