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Credits Dreams

Written and performed by Aged Teen (Dario Guarino).
E-bow & Additional Electric Guitar on tracks 3, 10 by Maddalena Bellini.
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Maddalena Bellini at Pro-Drum Studio (Portici, NA, IT).

Testo della canzone

Why do I dream of drowning
Or that I fall to my knees
With a broken heart
And the pain is not real pain
Just a pause from all my feelings
As brief and intense as dying

Strangers having casual conversations
In between sleeps
So much roughness in this world
I want smoothness in my days and in my nights
I wish I had more kindness
In my thoughts and in my dreams

So why does it feel like love
Every time I dream of a stranger
As long as she's not real
And if she'd step outside my fantasies
It just wouldn't be worth tryin'
She's much safer there with me

A flat grey rain, a dying sun
A skyless plain, how I'd like to go back there
So much talking, so few feelings
In these times of short-lived sympathy
I should stop asking questions
To my tortured, messed up brain

I see
I hear
Your face
Your voice
I touch
Your skin
Forever lost
In you

All those buildings keep on crumbling
'Til there's nothing left but sand
Or a place to start again
So why do I dream of dying
That I watch over my own body
That I'm her afterall

Dreams just won't stop coming
'Til the pain's under control
But it won't end
I feel like I've been buried
By my own desires
And my naivety
My visions only clouded my ambition
In the end

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album On A String - AGED TEEN
On A String 2020 - Cantautore, Rock, Acustico

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