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Credits Half-Remembered Dreams

Written and performed by Aged Teen (Dario Guarino).
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Maddalena Bellini at Pro-Drum Studio (Portici, NA, IT).

Testo della canzone

An old ragged lady I never saw before
Stepped close and wispered somethin' in my ear
She said: “I will be back, you wait here for me”
But then she just disappeared

There was a big fancy party when I got home
Everybody was there
But I saw a snake crawling under the door
And I left in a rush

We're floating among tragedies
Noise from the speakers, voices in my head

Thumping a rhythm with my back teeth
No, I don't need you to sing along
Well, you only killed a part of me
I got one body, two ghosts.

Is there anything you can't get a hold of?
Is there anyone that won't fall for you?
I think I'll wait for you downstairs
Keepin' an eye on that snake in the box

We're floating among tragedies
Noise from the speakers, voices in my head

So we all went down to see an old wrecked bus
Me and some friends I had never met
The carcass was left at the side of the road
Cars flew from the sky and it began to rain

The cars started flying into windows
Crackin' the sky reflected on the panes
But I live in a chaos that I patiently built
So I invited them home and we began to sing

Three poisonous snakes in the hallway
Two naked girls with leather shoes and bags
I didn't tell them death was knocking at my door
And tricked them to face Her in place of me

We're floating among tragedies
Noise from the speakers, voices in my head

The earthquake came and saved us
Simply by trying to kill us all
The sky went black and the air froze
Filled with cold flames that wouldn't burn

But we bit our way out like fire ants
Through dead bodies and debris
We were silent ghosts among the blasts
We'd only die when the dream would end

Album che contiene Half-Remembered Dreams

album On A String - AGED TEEN
On A String 2020 - Cantautore, Rock, Acustico

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