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Credits The Next Move

Written and performed by Aged Teen (Dario Guarino).
Otherwordly Acoustic Guitar & Additional Agghiaccio on track 7 by Anna Mancini.
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Maddalena Bellini at Pro-Drum Studio (Portici, NA, IT).

Testo della canzone

There's do's and there's don'ts
There's fear and there's care
And she's good and she's bad, now she's closing her eyes
While I'm kissing her, wonderin' if I'll ever see her again

She tastes like no one I tasted before
Her smell gets me high, I lose touch of myself
Her beauty's so sweet, but the beast is so warm
When she leaves I just don't know what part of herself will come back

Her liquid brown eyes could paralyze
Or bring your mind to a sweet autumn breeze
Sometimes she's hard as a rock and as cold as a stone
And she'll leave me alone for long, lonely torturing days

Her skin is so soft and her sex feels like silk
I'm biting her lips while I'm eating her deep
Restlessly counting the hours she's spending with me
'Cause I'm cravin' to look into her burnin' soul once again

Album che contiene The Next Move

album On A String - AGED TEEN
On A String 2020 - Cantautore, Rock, Acustico

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