Agony was born in Spring 2005 with founder members Andreas Blackrose, vocals, and Valek, guitars together with bass-player Steffy Webster and guitarist Mark, both taking part in the band for a short period. In Jenuary 2006 the band changes direction and begins composing its own stuff featuring new guitarist Pale and keyboarder Ste. Line-up is soon completed by bass-player Miki and drummer Lory Iron. Live debut is on 3th June 2006 in Turate OpenAir Festival, followed by some other gigs, the most important one on 7th July at Zoe Club in Milan. As Fall Descends Agony works on its first Ep "Your Dark Grace", recorded on 26/27 October 2006 at Frequenze Studio in Monza. The release reveals an attractive and catchy sound influenced by the Finnish gothic rock scene but also by 80ies dark wave and glam rock, achiving interest and attenction from the audience. In Spring 2007 Agony starts a long and satisfating series of live shows in the Milan's rock'n roll subculture (Zoe Club, Indian's Saloon, Marmaja, Woodstock). By the end of June the band splits up with Ste and Miki but manages to end the summer tour thanks to old friend bass-player Erik (RapidFire). In September 2007 the new core (Andreas/Pale/Lory), more united than ever, chooses Vega as new bass-player. Soon after Valek is dismissed for personal reasons. Jesus (N.U.M.B., ex H-less/Portrait Of Tears) joins as live guitarist to perform in the upcoming gigs at Muddy Blue (Alessandria) and BlackHole (Milan) before he becomes officially and successfully part of the band. In Jenuary 2008 Agony announces new keyboarder Valerious and performs in Dark Odyssey with X-ternals. During February/March 2008 Agony is back at Frequenze Studio to give birth to its second release "Heartache Avenue", recorded and mixed by Guido Fioravanti (Fire Trails, OperaNoire). Motley Crues's rock'n roll attitude meets Black Sabbath's hard riffing and Sisters Of Mercy's decadence in five dark, romantic, melancholic songs constantly hanging between grace and abyss in a whirl of bittersweet emotions and deep feelings. In March 2008 the band shoots a video clip for the hit single "Sweet & Naive" directed and produced by Pale and opens Richand Christ performance at Zoe Club. On 28 May 2008 the Goth'N Roll 6-piece presents "Heartache Avenue" with a ShowCase at Blue Rose Saloon (Bresso, Milan). Agony is actually looking fo a label. Much more coming soon... STAY GOTH'N ROLL.