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We were brothers once
same and different life
or is it just Madonna
played on the radio?

I see ghosts in here
we are parallel
old 90's boots
to kick anyone's crap

Look, you're growing old
a choir of young girls singing of love
is it one fag, one thought?
same and different, different and same
You see, snow left us
sleepy and unaware

That's really what I want
a choir of young girls singing of love
to make you fall in love
same and different, different and same
with me and make you
write love songs about me

What a messy love!
Not devoted!
Do you know
how bad
I can get now?
May the child kiss your
daily earthy start


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La canzone Parallel si trova nell'album Gravity uscito nel 2020 per Via Audio Records, Zimbalam.

Copertina dell'album Gravity, di Aim

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