i "The Albionauts" sono una band italo-spagnola, principalmente attiva nella penisola Iberica ma con una importante esperienza internazionale.

The Albionauts are special rock band.

This band half Italian, half Spanish, was formed in Valencia in August 2008. The name come from Albion, which is the oldest name of Great Britain. Probably, Albionauts is more than a band; is a lifestyle.

The four band members live in different cities, Roma, Barcelona and Valencia. Each member rehearse on his own, and the band get together only at concerts, gigs, events. This implies the need to work seriously and professionally. Through new media and Internet (call and video conference) the band is able to plan the activities (program management), to rehearse (tracks and songs) and to produce music (create & recording).

Along with british rock, albionauts music incorporates elements of 80s Punk, rockabilly, american folk
music, 60s rock and roll, but above all Beatles influences.

The band Is trying to achieve commercial success in Spain, with his first LP Nouvelle Vague, that is out at Fnac Stores (independent circuit) even if his edition are still free. The band is looking for a label.

Before the Albionats project's founding, the band's future members were active in different parts of
the spanish music scene, above all in Valencia and Barcelona. Albionauts first name was Red Morning
Light, and the second Albion Covers. Since 2005 these two bands created albionauts music

Albionauts have an important international experience: more that 50 concerts in 4 years between Spain, Italy and UK, including gigs @ Cavern Club (Liverpool) or @ Arenal Sound 2011 (Macro Festival International de Buriana)

The band recorded 4 years later a new EP in 2015 called "Falling Down" anda recorded between Mexico, Spain and Italy. The Band is now a trio. A live Reunion is scheduled for jannuary the 23rd at 16 Toneladas venue, in Valencia.

Band Members:
- Lorenzo Fraioli, italian (1978) is the singer and guitarist, but also the main songwriter of the band.
- Rafa Martin Paniego, spanish (1980) is the bass guitar player. Is the founder of the band.
- Jordi Marin Vallverdu, spanish (1978) is the drummer

ex members
Davide Zaottini, italian (1979) was the guitarist, and the secong singer of the band, but also played