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Testo della canzone

Over the hills and over the valley mi work belong and no push up di traily, international train you got to have a ticket.
And if the road can stick pon you push your feet them an just go through soul train you got to have a tickets.

A man taht lives his life with no expetations, is an empty soul with no ambitions you got to work and do it right just neva unda-estimate the fight, do your work and do it right!

and if you walking in the dark there must be a ?? to go on all two and if you feel you are getting lost don't lose your faith and just move on yes i'm talking to you, international train take me to zion, soul train you got to have a ticket, zion train you got to have a ticket.

A Preacher told me don't be discouraged by the evil yeah so I'll search inside my bare soul
my train to zion, a Preacher standing by the river let the water pull down your fever, soul train take me to Zion.

Album che contiene Soul Train

album 2 Times Revolution - Alborosie2 Times Revolution
2011 - Reggae

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