Mood Congruence

Mood Congruence

Alchemical XP

2017 - Psichedelia, Elettronica, Ambient


Alchemical music can range in character, the sonic texture of the music can be simple or complex and it can be instrumental or electronic, it may lack conventional melodic, harmonic, or rhythmic features, and may be less concerned with the formal compositional schemes associated with other styles of music, it can be found within a wide range of genres. The genres associated with "Mood Congruence" are mostly ambient, trip-hop, ambient house, experimental and other sub-genres of downtempo and also the fusion of disco music with futuristic themes, sounds and visuals.


01 Ember Time 6:00 feat. Matteo Tundo
02 No Ordinary Love 6:42 feat. Alice Muro, Antonio Nicola Bruno ,Matteo Tundo
03 Mood Congruence 5:29 feat. Matteo Tundo
04 Parallel Horizons 4:48
05 Andromeda 5:11 feat. Viviana Fatigante, Matteo Tundo
06 Amarsi un pò 4:36 feat. Matteo Tundo, Antonio Nicola Bruno
07 Homecoming 6:51 feat. Matteo Tundo
08 Quantum Sunrise 5:16
09 The Wolven Storm (Italian Alchemical Version) 5:16 feat.Viviana Fatigante, Antonio Nicola Bruno
10 Following The Hair 4:32 feat. Matteo Tundo , Antonio Nicola Bruno
All songs composed and performed by Maurizio Gambardella except:
No Ordinary Love - Sade, Epic Recors
Amarsi un pò - Battisti, Mogol
The Wolven Storm - Marcin Przybyłowicz
Thanks for collaboration and support:
Matteo Tundo (guitars, synths)
Antonio Nicola Bruno (guitars, fretless bass)
Alice Muro (voice)
Viviana Fatigante (voice)
Ilaria Benevento (cover model, inspiration)


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