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Testo della canzone

The rain, the moon in all my life
The wind tonight blows all my dreams
I remember the time when we used
To be happy together
Every moment I spent by your side
Was a moment of love

Now I wait for your touch in the dark
And you're driving me crazy
And I have been such a fool thinking you
Could forever be mine

Tell me now, tell me now
Tell me now, tell me why
Tell me baby
When I look in your eyes I can't see
That you're fooling my pride

I remember the taste of your love
And the strenght of your feelings
And those memories are stronger than ever
They hurt me so much

Tell me now, tell me now
Tell me now, tell me why
Tell me baby
Why it's getting so hard to believe
You belong to the past

The rain in all my life

Album che contiene The Rain

album Happy Alexia
Happy 1999 - Dance

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