album Of Gods and Men - Alex Pain

Alex Pain Of Gods and Men

2015 - Rock, Post-Rock, Alternativo

Alex Pain

Descrizione a cura della band

‘Of gods and men’ is the new album by the singer, guitarist and drummer Alex Pain. In this project you’ll hear 11 tracks written and recordered in a one studio session during the trip of the author in Spain in a caravan. The general idea is to criticize the modern society and its most evident hipocrisis: religion, politics, money but also to remeber the real roots of human kind: violence, egoism, materialism. The album is opened by the single ‘I am god’ (more than 8.000 plays on SoundCloud), a Nirvana style song very powerful and strong. Second track is called ‘The pusher’ and the unique ‘happy song’ of the project, with a very catchy funky beat. Then we have ‘My goodbye’, fast, catchy and powerful post punk theme. ‘Leaves’ is a smooth balladm the introduction to the very emotive ‘If this is a man’ and the melancolin ‘Love the blood’ (played on the italian Radio 1 Rai). The last five songs describe a very hard and rude concept of indie rock: ‘Runaway’ (check out the mighty refrain), ‘Drugs in my Room’ (in some parts remember Doors’ ‘The end’), ‘Down in hell'(the solo guitar at the end is very interseting), ‘Dance with the Devil’ and ‘One Love’. If you love rock and wanna ear new music, ‘Of Gods and Men’ is a very good choice.


Music and lyrics by: Alex Pain


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