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You woke up with your body exposed
People coming and going in the cold blindness
Surrounded by a thousand eyes, a thousand lies
And bad paradigms
Maybe they got the key to open the cage you're closed in
Or maybe they don't care
It feels like the end of the world but it goes on and on
And won't change

We are slowly dying from birth
Got no time
You're asking yourself what will happen

How you gonna see the stars tonight?
How you gonna find a reason to fight?
I'll keep you safe from stupid lives
In my cubic suicide of mind


Music, lyrics and vocals by Hermes Conte. Screams by Crima.


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La canzone A Sad Awakening si trova nell'album Somatized uscito nel 2021.

Copertina dell'album Somatized, di Alluders
Copertina dell'album Somatized, di Alluders

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