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Good morning my love
I had a dream last night
There was a cradle, an empty cradle
And there were you, but it wasn't you
We were staring at the cradle hearing the baby crying
But it was just you and me, in a room
With black clouds drawn on the walls and weird vibes in the air
Your face, so blurry
Constantly changing
I tried to speak, I couldn't
I wasn't able to make any sound
And suddenly, I realized the baby had stopped crying
Yeah, there was no baby
You started looking at me, at my belly
So round and big
I was feeling something moving inside
It hurt like hell
I was afraid
I looked at you, but it wasn't you
I tried to scream, I couldn't
My belly began to deform
Your eyes, full and empty at the same time
Full of indifference, empty of love
The cradle wasn't empty anymore
There was a baby, a monster, a mantis
No more clouds on the walls, just insects
My belly exploded, my insides fell on the floor
Your look, still impassible
The insects, they came towards me
They started eating my insides
They were buzzing
And you were laughing
And I was dying
I woke up, I figured it out
What are we waiting while we keep bleeding?
And it keeps pushing


Music, lyrics and vocals by Hermes Conte.


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La canzone Stillborns si trova nell'album Somatized uscito nel 2021.

Copertina dell'album Somatized, di Alluders
Copertina dell'album Somatized, di Alluders

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