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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA – Guitarist Andrea Balestra announces an October 8th release date for Lucid Dreams EP, an all-instrumental solo album issued on Jungle Strut Music, a new satellite label to Sony Music Group. The new CD includes rearranged covers of Gershwin's’ “Summertime” and Jerome Kerns’ “All The Things You Are,” plus two original compositions, and features a guest appearance of vocalist Tiffany Lantello, as well as an extraordinary rhythm section of John Urban, Daniel Roberts (bass) and L.A. session drummer Alejandra Arellano.
Andrea Balestra will celebrate the release of his new album with a special CD release show on October 8th at the Lakeside Cafe in Encino, starting at 8:00 PM.
Lucid Dreams EP was recorded at Steady Studios in Burbank by Gavin Ross. The album was cut in the arc of two sessions. The opener "The Rhyme" showcases the trio's ability to traverse the musical map by seamlessly blending jazz and funk with an accessible, yet experimental approach. It is followed by the evocative ballad "West Of The One," the second original by Balestra to be featured in this record. A heartfelt melody and moody harmony set the tone for what seems a rendition in jazz of a film score for a classic European movie. The third track is a cover of Gershwin's classic "Summertime." The arrangement features latin drums, gospel bass and funk guitar crafting a three-piece orchestra effect, breaking into a swinging solo in its mid-section. The Ep is closed by another classic: "All The Things You Are" by Jerome Kern. After leading in with a chord solo, the band starts grooving in a musical language that is as melodic and swinging as it is contemporary and original.
Andrea Balestra is a session guitarist in the Los Angeles area, who moved to the United States from his native Italy to pursue his dream of being a musician. A Berklee College of Music graduate, he had the honor of being chosen to perform at his school’s annual “Rock Guitar Night Showcase” in 2007. Since relocating to Southern California, he has already shared the stage and/or recorded with many legendary musicians (Dick Dale, Melvyn "Deacon" Jones, George Lynch, Keb Mo', John Pisano, Scott Henderson, Julien Kasper, Steve Trovato, Carl Verheyen to name a few), played numerous premier venues in southern California, had his music featured in films and toured across the country as well as internationally.
As on his previous release, Time Home, the new disc showcases Balestra’s ambitious mix of blues, jazz and experimental/improvisational guitar tones. His writing varies from down-to-earth grooves to cinematic compositions, characterized by lyrical melodies, shifting moods and nuanced, toneful guitar playing that serves his vivid music.
“Ultimately, what I attempt to attain through musical expression is to engage the listener on a spirtual level,” says Balestra about Lucid Dreams EP. “Music is a perfect language, universally spoken and understood. If you feel everything you play, so will the listener. Unlike words and images it never lies. I can think of no greater vehicle to pass on tales of the beauty this world has to offer. ”


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