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They promised I’d be fine
They said the lack of confidence
Would be a teenage problem
They promised it would have passed
And I could learn how to cope with things
Although they’re often so bad

They told me not to suffer
They told me not to make it such
A monumental deal
So they suggested hiding feelings
Unless I wanted to sound weird

Hop hop hop, bursting into tears
Till you stop stop stop
Stop blowing off the steam 'cause
'cause your friend is getting rid of you

Gotta clean the kitchen
Gotta gotta do the laundry
Gotta cook for everybody
Also gotta pass the exams so they
Can declare their perfect kid

Now you need a bed
Now you need to get a rest
Through your life you’re only tangled
Through your life you’re feeling tingle
Now you screaming “please!”

It turns out you've turned suspicious
It turns out you need
You need something but
You don’t know what you need


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La canzone Teenage si trova nell'album Silently. Quietly. Going Away. uscito nel 2014 per Bello Records.

Copertina dell'album Silently. Quietly. Going Away., di Any Other
Copertina dell'album Silently. Quietly. Going Away., di Any Other

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