rom the country that brought us pizza, the Roman empire and the renaissance has emerged a new electro-rock sound to rival veterans of the genre and spice up the electro scene in general.

Army Of the Universe, who hail from Gothic Milan , have now released their debut album following the positive response garnered from the EP brought out in March.

Mother Ignorance has been created with the vocal talents of Lord K (lead singer of Kult of the Skull Lord), the savage guitar skills of Davil and the production know-how of Albert Vorne (aka Trebla). Add to this the mixing prowess of Chris Vrenna (drummer with NIN, keyboards and drums for Marilyn Manson and producer of The Rasmus, Megadeth, Slipknot and Metallica), the listener has high expectations right from the first note.

Fortunately, the album is more than capable of holding its own amongst a sea of similar acts. The opening track (which is also the title track) is very reminiscent of Rob Zombie, and as the album progresses ther…


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