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Credits Simply are

Simply are
(Arto Lindsay)
Cristina Renzetti: vocal
Tatiana Valle: vocal, classical guitar
+ Giancarlo Bianchetti: electric guitar

Testo della canzone

Simply Are Lyrics
Arto Lindsay

I do love your lack of all expression
Find it not at all distressing
Life was tailor made for our refreshment
While life is rarely lacking dust
Covered with details and fuss
You are one of those creatures who simply are
Simply beyond why
Simple as okay

Let me provide whatever bravery's required
Whatever necessary fraction
But nothing more than it takes to provoke a reaction
Daydream your way around the room
Through intersections and aggressions
You are one of those creatures who simply are
Simply beyond why
Simple as okay

Pay enough attention to be fair
No need to get up from your chair
Shower me with evidence of pleasant disposition
Daydream your way around room
Walk night past frowns and gloom
You are one of those creatures that simply are

Album che contiene Simply are

album Madeleine As Madalenas
Madeleine 2015 - Sperimentale, Acustico, Minimal Brutture Moderne

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