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Parti di tromba scritte e suonate da Vincenzo Marrano.
Arrangiamento del basso a cura di Giulio La Notte.

Testo della canzone

If you take my hands
we can go to the moon
If you take my hands
we can go to the moon

Take my hands, we go to the moon
I can see the earth from there
Maybe all our mistakes
won't hurt us so bad
Men can’t see the color of their eyes
neither the skies so far
But if you look in deep the stars
their light won't be so far
And I will tail a dress of stars
you can wear it when it’s dark
Thousands gigs in the sky
it’s music that we find
And that’s the story of how it could be
if only you travel with me
Now the moon laughs on us
and I keep staring at stars

I can’t, I can’t give up
I can’t give it up
Now I can’t give up
Now I can’t get stopped
I can’t give it up

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album Lotux - A Tea With AliceLotux
2014 - Trip-Hop, Elettronico, IDM
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