Life Lesson

Life Lesson


2017 - Alternativo


ATLAS; a new international band signed with Moonplex Records releasing their first EP entitled “Life Lesson”.
The style of their innovative music started with a unique new sound incorporating electric violin, a great female vocalist, classical music and groove into their progressive style.
Formed in 2016, the band currently consists on an international line-up with the English vocalist Kyra, the Mexican bass player Oscar Gomez, the South-African drummer Gian, and two Italian brothers the violinist Rick Patera and the guitarist Roby Patera.
All of ATLAS lyrics are said to be written by lead vocalist Kyra while all five members—as a band—were credited with writing the music. Aged 16, Kyra sings about the challenges of life and love with both rawness and a charming freshness. Her gently voice flutters between octaves and is never better than when accompanied by violin, as on ATLAS new releasing EP named “Life Lesson” as the single of the band.



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