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Testo della canzone

Patterned around
The thought and the will
We shattered the sound of perpendicular noise
Now gather round blueprints to rebuild
On top of that I found I'm gettin sick of your voice
Retentive the earth makes me tend to introvert
And I presented the worth of these kicks and this sprinkled shirt
Ingested first four seconds and a big dessert
Presented verse with sprinkles of dope interspersed
When you burst it won't be an accident
It'll be a worldwide web of heads takin this shit back again
Now find the emergency exits
Cause I'm snap a spine an make example of the skeptics
I don't care if ya know me or ya hate me
Just come check out the show and travel back home safely
Lately a weird thought occurred to me
What if I was to grab the mic which one of ya'll would service me?
(Watch the rhythm)
It ventures out to rock the restless
And kill the ego
Your whole karma's vibin off the bets
It's best if you take a hard look at hat you're givin me
(Cause your name and your rank don't mean shit to me)

Stars and stripes are like cars and bikes
They're just vehicles you steer to ride other people's fears
Stars and stripes are like nails and spikes
They're just tools you use against physical rules
Put down your weapons son
Nah I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to do that
Put down your weapons son
Nah my man think I'm gonna have to pull some rank on ya
Put down your weapons son
This is part of the new rebellion
Would you put down your weapon
Call me solider bring it in

I heard a group of little voices in a thousand heads
Calling me out of my rest to come plow your steps
An elder once told me to always use precision
(Discretion and vision when you start the ignition)
Cause any engine is highly delicate
And what you try to say is irrelevant
If you're just talkin for the hell of it
I smell some shit
Check your soul brother did you step in it?
Now who suffers from mic control deficit?
I can't go out like you
(Cause you lack dopeness)
I'll break your whole crew down to
(A bunch of whack poets)
Shrapnel gets lodged under your clavicle
When your man exploded
Atmosphere concocted antidote shit
Fuck em and the record deal they broke in on
When Shaun is in this vocal booth
I come to choke your truth
Broke your screws now it's open and loose
(Beyond came along and stabbed the DJ in the foot)
The spoke bend and buckle
(And the wheel collapses)
There ain't no need to ask whether or not you feel the Atmos
I?m peeling back head performing brain surgery
And sewin em back up, there, now you heard of me

When the smoke clears you won't be able to choke tears
When the smoke clears, when the smoke clears
When the smoke clears you won't be able to choke tears
When the smoke clears, when the smoke clears
Put down your weapons sir
Put down your weapons sir
(I'm trying to bring some substance to the table)
Put down your weapons sir
(I'm frustrated even kids I'm befriendin)
Put down your weapons sir
(Circa where you at?)

As I sit here with my head between my hands
Attention span focused on tryin to read the plans
I can't shake the thoughts that it might be in vain
So I play the radio while I drive me insane
(I travel like the wind)
I travel like Avis
I feel like I've been to hell and back and I ain't even been to Vegas
Pages and pages of notebooks dedicated
To separating snakeskin and amputating fake limbs
But when you heard me
Your masculinity went girly
And your whole crew broke out early
Avoidin this is the first choice
Calculated step the fuck away when you hear this voice
Moist that's how we leave em rendered
Either the brain or the pubic region dependin on your gender
And if you're a female head
(No disrespect intended)
Unless you step to me on the mic you must be shedding your placenta
I wear the honor of a M.C.s past
Where I wander is this wasteland encased in cheap glass
Reflect to define the status where you stand
(You're just another victim with a mic in your hand)

When the smoke clears you won't be able to choke tears
When the smoke clears, when the smoke clears (x4)

When the smoke clears you won't be able to choke tears (x7)
When the smoke, smoke

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album Overcast! Atmosphere
Overcast! 1997 - Hard Rock

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