Atrox Lizard Dance Testo Lyrics

Atrox Lizard Dance Testo Lyrics



Testo della canzone

Peek through the hole
And enjoy the lizard dance
Come see the lizards' dance
Out of their skin

See them throw their first tails
Watch the hundredth tail
Form behind a purple body
Come see the lizards' hypnotic dance
See them dance out of their skin...
...and slip into the cauldron

"poor lizards
swimming naked in icy water
I'll light a fire under you...
...if I can only find other matches..."

"you fool!
You can't cook soup on me
I can stand the heat
I'll sprawl in your mouth
I'll curl round your tongue
And I can assure you won't relish me, have my tail
And now give me my swim mask
I want to explore this kettle!"

Album che contiene Lizard Dance

album Contentum - Atrox
Contentum 2000 -

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