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2) Black Rainbow

I might neva eva feel
neva eva feel enticed again
while I'm preyin' within umbrage
to discover words to lay
cos I sense this lack of sun
gives me hard times
but I know that
a change is gonna come
light will clear life promenade
hate will recede then fade

I am longin' to know
what's this path that i've enrolled
cos there ain too many questions
not an answer to my call (to my call)
oh lord is me
I'm waiting, sailing between the words
and notes we painting
on this dark blue sky a rainbow
black as night is shaping ova clouds
then the sea begins to haul
all the things in his profoundness
but music will resolve this mess

you never miss the chance
to take control
over my mind/over me whole
that's why I'll ask endlessly
don't hang me waiting for relieve
gimme a lead to express and spill
the never fading memories
the black rainbow that colours me

I guess this quest i embarked with truth
may never guide me out of the blue
mood I transpire transpose 'traduis'
I do what i do
cos the music's the muse I'll never loose
till the end of my days

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