AUDIOgraffiti - lunatically testo lyric


4) lunatically

stoop the kid and ganjabill
were the first attractions,
in this world of playmobills
they captivate attraction,
there, no place for kind of me,
superb for lunacity,
I’m no hero, I just he
dressed up like a submarine

I feel I'm going down
then I'm rolling high
then I'm feeling low again

whatever will be will
I’ll always fight, baby
against my fiends
my foolishness
ain't a state (where) I'd rather be
I’ll be alright

in a crazy world, nothing is left to fate
feelings ain so confused
I just want to find a sweet escape

till sun lunatically drops minor rays

come on,
come on and take my hand
I will be your friend

my bad temper is a trait I can’t afford
need to raise it
like my up&downs and moods of sort,
morning wake up's always a surprise
dunno if I’ll sing or shout or cry
need to raise it
I wanna wake up with fabulous
and sunny smile

but I’m feeling down
then I’m feeling high
man, I’m feeling wild again

sometimes I feel so down
and ugly that I can't describe
the feeling that lumbers
thru the woods of my mind
but when the big o sun rises up
i git back up and shake the dark
off my skull cranium,
I start to talk with mi bellyhole,
but I really
dun't even know the words
that I'm choosin to rap this chore
oh lord it's been a cold war
with my emotions for too fuckin long
you git the badword?
to mess with political assholes
the bad toes that you have to chunk
to let go
sensation that you won't achieve no shit in life
black rainbow up and rising in the middle of skyline
I'm still here and you know I'm black
I'm still here and you know I'm black
black lives matter don't you know I'm black
ready for another charade


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La canzone lunatically si trova nell'album Black Rainbow [until sunrise drops lunatically minor rays] uscito nel 2014.

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